Frequently Asked Questions

By reservation through internet, the reservation can be done at least 24 hours and at most 12 months prior to the pickup. By a pickup during a time less than 24 hours, we offer you to make your reservation per phone.

Through the OnLine menu complete the reservation form to make your reservation immedialtey. Alternatively, you can make it per phone.

Other than special cases no payment will be demanded for car reservation and cost guarantee.  

If you need child safety seat, navigation kit, car snow chain, etc., these will be reserved for you at the pickup date in case of declaration during the reservation. If you do the request during the pickup without declaration in advance, the equipment will be supplied, if it is possible. You can decide on extra services on demand like an additional driver or an extra insurance either during the reservation or during the car pickup.

Yes, the minimum age limit for renting cars is 23 and maximum 75. For Economy and Compact car the necessary age is 25, for standard and higher groups 28 and a 2-year-old driving licence. For luxury and higher groups, it must be over 30 and a 3-year-old driving licence.

Yes, this type of renting is called one-way rental. By one-way rental, one-way cost will be demanded for the minimum renting day condition and returning the car to the rental office.

The reservation approval will be sent to your e-mail address or telephone number given during the reservation. During fill in please check the validity of your e-mail address and phone number.

You can send us your reservation change demands per e-mail, phone or fax. After the approval by our side, your change demand will be valid. However, we advise you to call our office or hotline numbers to make changes, if there is a time less than 48 hours for the pickup.

By e-mail, telephone or fax, you can reach us to send your cancel demand. However, we advise you to call our office or hotline numbers to send your cancel demand, if there is a time less than 48 hours for the pickup.

Our office at the Hatay Airport is located at the Arrivals Hall. For other airports the receive place or address will be stated in the reservation approval. If there is an office at the airport, where you will land, the car renting formalities will be completed at the office bench. If there is no office at this airport, our personal will welcome you with a placard, on which your name is written, at the exit gate of the arrivals hall, and then the car renting formalities will be completed. The delivery of your car takes place either at the front of the terminal exit or at the airport car park.

The office address will be stated in the reservation approval for pickup from the city center. If you notice the address during the reservation, the pickup can be done at hotel, house address, bus station or train station. Extra costs can be demanded for outer office delivery/pickup depending on the destination.

At the airports there is a 24-hour/365-day delivery. From the city offices the delivery is during the office hours from 09:00 to 19:00 o`clock. In case of pre-notification, by the approval of the rental city office the delivery can be done outside the office hours.

Driving licence, ID-number and a Visa/Master Card credit card with a valid limit for at least 6 months are required. If there are drivers (at most 2 more) other than the renter, these drivers should also get ready their driving licences and ID-numbers.

With at least a 2-year-old domestic, foreign or international driving licence you can rent a car. By some car groups at least a 3-year-old driving licence can be demanded.

You can pay in cash or with a Visa/Master Card credit card.

Our cars are generally delivered with a tank, with which you can drive for at least 100 km. The reason to work without a full tank is not to demand deposit and service costs from the credit card, in addition, to destroy the unfairness of the disadvantage of other renters due to the insensitivity of the car fuel needles.

Persons other than those, whose driving licence data and signature are registered in the renting contract, are not allowed to drive the car. If not so, when such a person causes an accident with damage, the insurances will be invalid.

Our rental cars can not be driven abroad. Otherwise, the insurances will be invalid and the renter will be obligated to pay the price of the car.

Inform us without moving the car. During outside the office hours you can reach us from our hotline telephones. It is compulsory the accident participation form to be filled in by the police or the gerdarmarie in case of accidents with multiple vehicle participation, accidents with own participation, avaibility of at least one foreign driver from the accident participated vehicle drivers, damage of the public goods, avaibility of at least one drunk driver from the accident participated vehicle drivers. In other situations, under our guide you take the accident report from the glove comparment to fill in it together with the accident participated vehicle driver, and without changing the position of the vehicles you take the pictures of the both vehicles. In some cases without any picture there is no damage payment, therefore pictures by an accident are very importent. Later on, let the alcohol test be done in the nearest health center. We will send as soon as possible our roadside assistance team to the accident point and let the car be towed and can provide you to reach to your demanded destination.

You inform us immediately without moving the car. Outside the office hours you can reach us by our hotline numbers. According to the distance away from our office the roadside assistance car will be directed for performing the breakdown maintenance. In case of long time maintenance, the car will be substituted by a new one.

You can return the car to the city office or to hotel, house address, bus station, port and train station that you noticed during the reservation.

At the Hatay Airport we have an office and a car park, you can return the car to the point, where you received it.

It is possible, if you inform us earlier and get the approval of the concerned office. If you want to extend the rent, your demand can not be approved, if the next customer has a reservation, or the periodic maintenance time is approaching, or the rent cost has not yet been paid.

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